Monday, 30 January 2012


I have hated homework since i was in school i never seemed to make time for it let alone when life got busy, but i finally pulled myself away from my weekend on cloud 9 for a bit of a reality check.

The barn i am boarding at (which may come to an end with the divorce) is a co-op barn so that means quarterly meetings. So sunday was our deworming day and a meeting... I had to walk ALL the way out to the farthest end of the feild to gather my horse because when he saw me he looked away and pretended to eat from every little hay pile and walk away from me as if he had not noticed. Eventually he realised i was just going to continue to follow him until he gave up and with a sigh he let me catch him.

This was my first time deworming G, he has been done before but not since i have owned him, he was pretty good once i had a good grip on his head so he could not toss it around and spit out the dewormer.

I had about an hour to kill so i figured i would tack him up and work on our corners until the meeting. So i put him into the cross ties and he stood great, a lot more calm and relaxed than thursday when he was wide eyed and panicked as if i was about to load him into a meat truck. He was not as nervous about all the people wandering around and horses going behind him. Best part.... with a little fighting he gave up and let me pick up both front feet, after i held and picked them out without him pulling away from me he even lifted his hind legs up for me, hes learning i was so proud of my boy <3

Got him all tacked up and walked to the arena... and lo and behold... someone left  some jumps up in the arena... i had to try to lunge him on a small circle in the scary end of the arena to avoid the jumps. After we lunged we played on some of the smaller jumps and G was great he wasnt scared of them at all... but the blue barrels in the arena... now thats some scary stuff.

I hopped on even with people in the arena took a deep breath and walked on, we pushed into all the corners at a walk, i focused on keeping my core tight to keep his pace slow. We frequently changed directions and did serpentines (i think im spelling that wrong ha ha) trying to work around the jumps as much as possible. When my boy looked like he was getting a little bored we would walk over one of the jumps.

He did great i am so proud of him we are moving forward. Lesson # 2 this weekend and i cannot wait. I had to get a second job due to the divorce so i am hoping to work this weekend and will have to work around that. Im looking to find a second job at a bar or something where i can make tips... because i forsee my ex being vindictive and canceling my board at the barn i am at now.

Anyways the weekend was amazing spent it all with the new crush, amazing thats all i have to say!



  1. So glad things are looking up and it sounds like you are making progress already! More pictures! More pictures!

  2. oh the curse of horses and the cost associated!! I know the two job thing too well!