Sunday, 15 January 2012

Winter is here!

No riding today because it is way to cold. On a good note this morning when i was out at the barn feeding G one of the ladies at the barn noticed that my boy wasnt wearing his blanket so she asked why and as i explained to her the story of his winter Anky Van Gruen (i may have spelt that wrong) blanket and how it now needs repairs, and his other blanket not being suitable in this weather she told me to use one of hers during this cold snap. Today it was -31C!!! So good news is that G had a nice big winter blanket he can wear for his last week in quarantine (which is great the whether is suppose to get to -40C with the windchill!!!)

There are some benefits to being at a co-op barn, mostly to do with the $120 a month board which includes the following; feed (hay, you have to pay for any special feed you want), vaccinations, deworming, and his very own stall.
The downside is that i have to be out there morning and night for turnout if i use the stall, and when there are things to be done your expected to help out. I dont mind helping, today we had to sort through the old hay and keep what was salvagable and throw out what was moldy and garbage... we more or less moved 50 bales of hay weighing 65lbs each from one spot on the hay shed to the other. My body hurts needless to say, but i got to know some of the other people boarding there which is nice! But by the time we were done i could not feel numerous parts of my body!

My body is going into hybernation... its 9PM and i am heading to bed exhausted!

Night everyone!

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