Thursday, 2 February 2012


Im posting a quick update because i have a lesson tonight so tomorrow's post will be much more interesting i am sure.

So i have been spending a TON of time with the crush and his dog has now moved into my house monday to thursday because we are making sure both dogs get along really well.

Crixus and Maggie

Well they get along GREAT. Maggie is a little older than my dog and she is the one on the bottom of the cuddle pile and my dog Crixus is on the top. My dog is a Black Lab Blue Heeler cross (unaltered for the time being) and only 9 months old, Maggie looks like a Black Lab German Sheperd cross probably about 5 years old most. They are adorable together, they play all day and snuggle all night... thankfully i am able to get some sleep now. Next couple nights will be spent at the crush's house to make sure they are ok there. My ex-husband has decided that he no longer needs to pay rent and with 1 day until the rent was due i couldnt come up with the money so we will be getting evicted and will be moving by the end of February to the crush's house in February.

Yesterday i was out at the barn to do a quick refresher on catching and picking out G's feet so he learns that this is an everytime i am out there kind of thing. I was very pleased when i went out to catch him he did not walk away he actually turned and looked at me while waiting for the halter to be put on. Getting him into the barn was a whole different story, he was being very stubborn and it would take me pulling on the halter with all i have and tapping his but with the end of the lead line to get him to move, you win some you lose some i guess lol.

Eventually i got him in to the cross ties and with little fighting we were able to pick his feet... he is still a little nervous about being in the crossties but he is doing much better. I had some time left to kill so i went for a nice long hand walk with him around the property and worked on our walk on commands and halts. I believe i forgot to mention that my crush is... well... hes also military lol, and works down by where i board my horse so on the way back we stopped to talk with him and he pointed out a nice little crack that was developing... i had seen it while picking out his feet but having other people point it out i figured i should probably head home and grab some Hoof ointment (tar like stuff) to put on the crack to try to keep the hoof moisturized until the ferrier is out next.

You can see the crack right through the center of the hoof. It is not all the way through the hoof wall so i am just going to watch it for now because it does not seem to be getting any worse right now. So i will keep it moisturized and see what happens. I did not want to put him back into the muddy pasture until it had enough time to absorb so one of the other boarders and i went for a nice long walk again around the property.

But my quickie turned into... well a not so quick post... i will post more tomorrow Lesson #2 is tonight.

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