Friday, 20 January 2012

Crazy, Crazy, Crazy

Well i kept my word from last post I was going out that night and I was going to ride him!!! Well i guess i didnt stick to it 100%.... I went out last night and there were some people out there already when i released the lead rope my horse took off like something out a western movie bucking and kicking like a wild horse. I tried to reassure everyone HE IS NOT CRAZY and is really a friendly horse as he runs towards me then changes direction last minute. Hes a baby... and he has been cooped up in a medical paddock for 21 days he needed to stretch his legs and be a horse for a little bit. It took about an hour for him to relax and come up to me ready to work.

We started off with a little lunging.. he is not used to an audience while we work because he spooked twice on the lunge time attempting to rip my arms off in the process (luckily i have been working out) i help onto that lunge line with a vengance determined not to let him get the better of me, I WAS going to win both time. When he realised i was not going to attack him and neither were the spectators he relaxed and i got him back on a circle but he was still really spooky so after a good circle i unhooked him again and have him a few more minutes to be a horse and a young horse at that. After a few more minutes of snorting kicking and bucking he came up nice and quiet ready to work, i started with brushing him out and the people in the arena helped, he was in horsey heaven 3 people brushing him at once stratching all those hard to hit places, he practically turned to jelly. So we restarted on the lunge line and he did great both directions he even started giving me a little bit of a canter.

I put him back on his lead line and practised some tight turns getting him to engage his hind end and front end seperatly. He did great on that as well so we moved to tacking, which as usual went without a hitch no walking off no nothing. Mounting block is still a little challenging but he is not walking off now he just tried to keep his back end away from it. We had barely done anything at  this point and he was already sweating like he ran a marathon. I was going to call it quits at that point because we had already worked through some issues (smalls ones at that) and i was being a wuss (to be honest).

One of the people who were hanging out in the arena asked if he could ride him, hes not very experienced but wanted to give him a try so i said sure... G did great he was more concerned with where i was going than what was going on on his back. I brought out a pole to get him to walk over and at first he didnt want to but with a little coaxing he was more than happy too. When he couldnt see me he responded well to the leg aids when he could see me he didnt care what the rider was doing lol. Everything was going great... and then.... G let out this big full body shake but then kept  walking forward all was well i was worried for nothing then all of a sudden i saw him drop his head and i couldnt spit out "GET OFF GET OFF GET OFF" fast enough luckily the guy riding had cat like reflexes and got his feet out of the stirrups in time to get off just as G laid down to roll. As soon as the rider was off he got right back up like nothing happened. Great! Gotta love that! Looks like i might be looking to hire someone to put some rides on him. Lucky me!

Anyways after that we did some exercises that i knew he could complete so we did not finish off with him getting aware with what ever he wanted. So I will start again today... I am commiting to riding him today whether i am by myself or not. Even if it is at a walk i am getting on!

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  1. I can't wait to hear about when he gets ridden!

    Also, I gave you a blog award. My page has details if you're interested! It's the "Leibster" award. :)