Thursday, 5 January 2012

A bit of this a bit of that...

I have been a little bit distracted lately so i didnt post the last 2 days so ill quickly get caught up.

Day 3 of quarantine; I went out a little later today and was met by a very antsy horse. I increased his hay because he seemed completely famished when i got out there, he is now getting about half a square bale a day... when i was searching for the right amount online this seemed to be the most common answer for a horse his size. I was worried about the amount of water he had been drinking the first couple days because it didnt seem like the level was going down as much, he seems to have increased his water intake now as well (YAY i can sleep and not worry about him colicing when there is NO ONE at the barn all night). Today i took him into the arena to start some easy work, i figured we would do a few minutes of lunge work, he was great to the left in a walk and trot but i couldnt for the life of me get him into a canter so we tried to the right which was a whole different story, i could get him to walk to the right but it took a lot just to get him into a trot. We stopped on a good note because i could tell from looking at him that if i pushed a little more it would get harder and harder to get him into a trot so after a lap we stopped. We played in the arena, i have never owned a horse that would "play", i would run away from G and say his name while running and he would chase after me and when i stopped he would look at me as if to say.... go go again.

Day 4 of quarantine; He did not seem hungry when i went out, he is also not eating as quickly when i give him his hay which is good. Almost all of his water was gone when i went out as well which helps me sleep a little better. We went back into the arena today to play a little bit and try again at lunging. Today was a little better he was easier to get going to the Right (i think he understood better what i was asking of him and just wanted to try to make me happy). He easily went from walk to trot to a working trot in both directions, i asked for a canter but i got a full out gallop for a few steps which has left my leg and arms very sore. He transitions very well and will slow down when asked... not so much stop but we are working on that.

Today i am back to work so i had to go out at 7 AM to feed him and check his water. I CANNOT wait until he is in the barn out of the wind and i dont have to worry about the water freezing. Only 16 more days of quarantine. I pick up my new saddle tonight as well, im going to sit in on a dressage lesson with the trainer currently coaching out of the barn and see if im going to change trainers...
I will be booking the vet appointment today as well that is the last step that i have to complete within the 21 days of quarantine.

Now to get caught up on all my work that i have missed for the last 2 days!


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