Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Grr... Some people kids!

So this morning i went out as i do every morning to feed and check on G. This morning when i pulled up i found him with his blanket half off and one of the straps ripped off and one of the elastic ropes wrapped numerous times around one of his hind legs. He was struggling to get it off of his leg running and kicking standing and kicking as soon i got out there he sighed and stood perfectly still so i could untangle him. I was very frusturated by that i could tell by the marks on his leg from the rope and how sweaty he was he had been fighting with this blanket for some time. I know i am in quarantine but im sorry if i saw someone elses horse wrapped up like that in a blanket i would go out there and try to untangle the horse before it got hurt. Everyone at the barn looked surprised like they had not noticed him out there worries me a little bit.... can i rely on these people if something more serious where to happen? Im sure i can and this is coming out more like a rant than anything... im just upset and concerned for my horses well being. I lunged him today and watched his movement closely and he isnt favoring any of his legs so i am sure he will be ok. When i went out tonight he seemed fine but will have to get through the chilly night with a lighter blanket, i hope he is ok tonight.

Dr. B came out tonight to look at another one of the horses so i got our "get out of jail" vet check done. This is the first time i have met him, he came highly recommended from a bunch of people at the barn and works with all the race horses. Just by looking at my Trakehner he asked if there was Thoroughbred in his blood lines... i was kinda shocked because he does but its not something that you could tell from looking at him (his Dam's Dam Calypso Rose was a Thoroughbred). He completed his exam and didnt see anything he would be concerned about, he did suggest that since i am planning on competing at some point that i should get a coggins test done so we did that as well. I will have the results within a week *fingers crossed* that all is well and we can get the hell out of quarantine!!

The only thing Dr.B said was that he looked a little yellow to him (hes a chestnut horse.... of course he has yellow hues). So i will be doing a little research on that later. But im going to go finish my cleaning i am working 1 room at a time, our lease is up April 1st and we want to move to a house so i have some doggie damage to the walls to fix up and a few paint touch ups so we dont lose our damage deposit... and my hubby is home tomorrow so i would like him to come home to a decently cleaned out.

Night all!


  1. I would have been more than annoyed if no one noticed my horse was in distress too. Anyway, hope you get out of jail soon and everything is right with the world again. Good luck with that cleaning.

  2. Yeah i am new to the barn so i couldnt really raise a huge stink... and i mean i pay $120 for board with a fabulous indoor outdoor and round pen. That includes my stall all the shavings, hay, vaccinations and dewormers. So at the moment i had to bite my tongue and be thankkful that he was not injured.

  3. Your board is amazingly cheap! Lucky you. I'd still be a little pissed about no one noticing my horse needed help, but maybe it was a rare over sight.
    So nice to find your blog. I'll look forward to reading more. Thanks for following mine.

  4. I am very lucky with my board costs, My husband is in the Canadian Armed Forces and his regiment has a riding troop that does a musical ride so i am lucky enough to get to board at one of their barns. It is a co-op barn which means if i want my horse to eat i have to feed him but that is perfectly fine with me i like the time at the farm and out of the city. did i mention it is 10 mins from my house! lol