Thursday, 19 January 2012

No More Slacking

I havnt posted in almost 5 days to be honest there was nothing to post the weather has been terrible and i have been trying to hybernate all week. Good news is that we are out of quarantine on Saturday... the piss off... its suppose to warm up Saturday morning!

Im sitting at my desk at work today motivating myself to get off me butt and start working G tonight, i dont know why i have been taking it so slow with him he is broke completely yes he has had a year off but i do not need to be waiting to ride him there is no reason we cant do some ground work and some work under saddle. I am kinda mad at myself for hiding behind a lame excuse that he has had some time off and we need to redo everything. I dont know why horses scare me so much i am super comfortable around them on the ground but in the saddle i get nervous and that results in tension and the horse being tense and spooky and it turns out to be a bad ride. I dont want that for myself or for G i want to be able to trust him and have him trust me. So regardless of whether there is anyone at the barn tonight or not i am going out and i am going to get on him and at very least do some basics at a walk, and go from there.

I have done great this week at my weightloss goal and have lost 5lbs as of yesterday (i added a little ticker so you can see how i am doing).

Regarless i am going out tonight with helmet in hand and riding. No more Excuses!


  1. Yeah for getting out of quarantine. Is there someone else you can have ride him first? I find that if I'm really nervous and I think it's going to carry on to the horse, having someone else get on for a few minutes can make a big difference. And it's totally okay to wait until there's someone else there. If he hasn't been ridden in a year, it might be better to err on the side of caution. Not that I want you to give in to your nerves. If you don't do it tonight, set up a time when someone can go out with you for that first ride. And congrats on the weight loss!

  2. You will have to check out the new post about what happened last night lol it was commical.