Monday, 2 January 2012

Day 2 of Quarantine

2 days down already only 19 more to go. I went out this morning to check up on G and give him some breakfast and break the ice on his water and as soon as he saw me he perked right up, i got so excited i cant believe he is mine all mine (well and my husbands lol because to him "we" bought a horse ha ha!).

Today was intended just to be a relaxing day letting G get continue to get used to the new facilities but as soon as i found out D the ferrier was coming out i decided to put him on the list to have his feet done since they were a little long. G will let me pick up his feet one time then the next he puts all his weight on the leg i want to lift and tries his hardest to prevent his leg from bending... something we will have to work on, but despite that he was FANTASTIC for the ferrier! D is a excellent ferrier, he answered all of my questions and was very patient with all 15 horses he did today. I was told that G has great feet and will only need a trim every 8 weeks (which is nice on the pocket book). From my non-ferrier opinion i had thought his feet might have been a little flat but D informed me not to worry about it so that is what i am going to try to do. Its my first horse (other than indy) that i have bought for myself so i am a little nervous, he is the professional so i believe him.

The quarantine pen is very small so i wanted to let G stretch his legs, but when i put him in the round pen (i forgot my lunge line and whip) he just stood there and looked at me and anywhere i went he followed. So i figured we would go into the arena. Aparently the arena is a very scary place and it took me about 5 mins to convince him other wise but i am very lucky he was very trusting and when he saw me go completely inside the arena he started to cautiously follow me in. Same as the round pen he wasnt really interested in stretching his legs he was more concerned about where i was at all times.

He is so sweet i am so lucky cant wait until we can start our lessons or at very least he can interact with the herd. Yesterday i mentioned that he cut his eye, when i went out today it was clean and healing over very quickly so i thought i should take a picture because it was his first injury with me owning him! Hopefully there are very few to come!

Us in the big scary arena.

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