Friday, 13 January 2012

Happy days, Not so great month

Yesterday i checked the weather and saw that for my area it is suppose to get to -30C next week and i panicked. G doesnt have any sort of shelter in the quarantine pen, i cant keep the water from freezing and he is back out of the way were people are not able to regularily check on him, it made me sick to my stomach thinking about all the terrible things that could happen and just the thought of him being cold throughout the night. So i started messaging the barn manager and the lady in charge of the paddocks and placement begging them to let me move G into one of the medical paddocks that are much bigger and have a gorgeous shelter and higher fencing, not only that but it is nice and close to the parking lot so people HAVE to walk passed him to get into the barn.

Long story short WE ARE IN THE MED PEN!! Both ladies figured that since Dr.B had been out and said he had no immediate concerns with G's health and we have had the coggins test done and are just waiting for the response that is would be ok for me to move him into the medical pens just in time for the week of cold weather. I made a nice bed last night for him in the shelter and when we went to feed him this morning you could tell he had been laying in the hay. I slept great last night, i wasnt stressed because he is in a place were people can see him if he is in distress and CANT ignore him on principle. Right behind where i was standing is the feild with the geldings, so this morning G seemed very happy and content with were he is and was very playful with me. He can see the herd now and start to get used to the other horses. I also have less of a distance to go with water buckets lol.

The not so great part is i have not been doing very good with my eating properly and exercising better... but i have a coworker who is trying to lose some weight for her wedding in June so i have someone to help keep me motivated, which should help.

Not much to say on the riding part because my husband is home until saturday afternoon then he is gone for a month so i am spending as much time as i possibly can with him before he leaves. He has been amazing going out during the day for me to break the ice on G's water and cleaning out the quarantine pen for me <3 i am a very lucky girl thats for sure.



  1. So glad you got to move him to a better paddock! I lost 40 lbs with Weight watchers. I suggest finding a meeting close by and trying it out. I have been attending the meetings again and dropping a few(as in 10) holiday pounds. I am already down 6 the first week!!! I know how hard it can be when you are a wife a mother and taking care of everyone but yourself. Good luck. Now I need to start exercising and get fit.

  2. Glad to hear you got into a pen with a shelter, otherwise would not have been good for -30!

  3. Thats great to hear Amy, i used to manage a weightloss clinic so i know what it is that i should be doing it is just motivating myself. Im just trying to watch what i eat and get in the saddle. I have a good feeling that tonight we will have a good ride and i will be in pain tomorrow lol!

    Yeah BeBe the weather is crazy here i am very thankful none of the horsees have gotten sick with the hot and cold.