Monday, 9 January 2012

Just another day..

Today i was very lucky to have some help out at the barn as i got G settled in for the night, It is suppose to hit -15 degrees (celcius) for the first time since the begining of December, so we had to get a nice bed made and take out his warm blanket. My 3 year old loves coming out with me to the barn, he loves to feel like he is helping carry 5 gallon buckets of water and 45lb bales of hay. There are days that it drives me crazy but i would love for him to get into horses since as said in my previous post about why parents buy horses for their kids having a horse is a big responsibility and it could possibly keep him out of trouble in the future.

Since there wasnt going on the last 2 days i thought i would post about a christmas present that i got that is absolutly hideous but means the world to me. My extended family doesnt support me riding in any way, which is odd since my family has strong ties to the Rodeo here in Alberta. When i had to put my last horse Indy down (story posted earlier) my dad told me that it was a good thing because horses are a waste of time and a waste of money. This year on christmas eve he said to me "are you still doing that horse thing?" he must have known how upset it made me because he instantly replied with "we wont even get into that because you know how i feel about it" I was heart broken, my entire life i have tried to make my dad be proud of me, I am a very nervous rider but it isnt the horse i am nervous about it is more a fear of failing a fear of my dad being right about me wasting my time. So i struggle to ride some days because i am tense and my head is swimming with random thoughts and reasons why i should just give up, but it is things like the hideous necklace below that changes my mind.

December 27th i got to see my Grandpa who was a rodeo clown for something like 20 years and followed the rodeo all accross Western Canada and the U.S. When i first told my grandpa i was getting back into riding he was so excited for me and wanted all the details about what i wanted to do, and at that time it was Jump. At christmas i was almost brought to tears when he pointed out to me quietly that i hadnt opened all of my presents and when i opened it i found this inside the little box. It is an ugly thing but it means the world to me, it took my feelings of having no support from my extended family to knowing that regardless of what my dad says my Grandpa is excited for me and knows that i will do amazing. Now if only i could get him to talk some sense into my dad...This "revelation" is a big deal to me the last horse i leased i struggled with because i had lost some motivation to ride and couldnt figure out why i was so tense... This year is looking to be a great year... i am learning more and more about myself everyday and growing as a rider, i look forward to seeing what the rest of the year brings.

Tomorrow is back out to the barn to work in the outdoor (the Riding Troop is back from holidays so i no longer get to use the indoor between 9-4).



  1. Yeah for supportive horse people! My family isn't supportive of the horse thing either (except my incredible husband) so I totally feel your pain. And even if the necklace is a bit fugly, it's gorgeous for what it represents!

  2. Im trying to figure out a way to make it into a belt buckle or attach it somehow to my saddle or tack lol. My husband tries to be supportive but he is from a big city and has never really been around farm animals so he doesnt like how much money we spend on the riding thing... owell life goes on! that why i blog and have met great blog people like yourself for support!! :)

  3. That is amazing to have the support of your grandfather. I could not imagine where I would be without my family supporting my love for horses. You seem lovely, and I know that one day you will impress your father with your riding.

    1. i am very lucky that my grandfather is a horse person. I have also made some major changes in my life and my "crush" is extremely supportive of my riding he pushes me to get out to the barn and go riding when i feel like being a couch potato. My dad will come around eventually i think when he realises that i am NOT going to give it up... its a work in progress lol