Friday, 16 August 2013

Help needed from my fellow bloggers

I am and have been trying to sell this handsome little bugger to a good home where he will be loved and worked with but i havnt done much buying and selling of horses so my knowledge in the matter is fairly limited. I posted him on Kijiji (canadian craigslist) and had two responses one lady offering me less than half my asking price as she was buying it for her 8 year old son to start....(yeah right lady) and the other wanted photos of his whithers and chest which she never responded further than that.

Any tips on what the add should look like? Where should i post him... and a reasonable price for him?

He is 1.5 years old, can be registered. Is gelded and up to date on all shots/worming/ferrier, loads like a champ (better than my 7 year old) and is a sweet calm quite guy who needs to go to a home that can afford him first of all and has the time to start him properly.

I need him to sell fairly soon.... but i will hold on to him if the right home doesnt come along.

Any and all advice is more than welcome!

Thursday, 15 August 2013

I was lost but now i am found..... promise

Hey everyone! I hope all is well with you and your making huge strides towards your goals and i cant wait to get caught up on everyone show season. I clearly have some updates to get posted because so much has changed over the past year.

I still of course have the magnificent G, we have become very much of a team and i finally trust him. Im not scared of him anymore his antics dont make me nervous and we are able to go through anything together he is perfect for me in so many ways... the biggest one is hes taught me not to give up just because things get hard. I had a bit of a melt down and was looking at selling him we were not making any progress.... i paid for him to work with my coach for a month and they looked amazing it was very disheartening that i couldnt get that with my horse. I eventually came to my senses and kept him of course.

While in training with my former coach she took him to 2 jumper shows just to get him the experience, the first show he did amazing in i think out of 8 he got 6 firsts 1 third and 1 second... the second show was outdoors and a little more stressful so he definitly did not do as well. I have a few videos of the first show that i will try to get posted here shortly.

G and i are on the move again to a new dressage barn that opened up in my area, things blew up majorly at my old barn and i didnt want to deal with the manipulation and drama that ensued so i left for a friends place in the country to take some time to just enjoy my horse and let him be a horse which was probably the best thing i could have ever done for him.

I also aquired a yearling, he was brought to my old barn as a companion to the owners new baby. He was gorgeous and they where just letting him go to waste saying confirmationally he was not sound calling him Guesome Grimly. The barn owner wanted my Wintec all purpose so i traded for the little guy he is a Pintabian rescue who is now called Ace which is short for Accidental Aquisition. He is for sale to a good home that is going to take him to his full potential i mean hes stunning sound and can be registered. So for now until i find a good home for him he is staying at my friends place hanging out putting on some weight and being a horse.

I have also met an amazing guy (i know i know they are all amazing at the begining) but he is the man of my dreams and i am potentially looking at packing up my whole life and moving away from Canada down to the US to be with him... we will see how that all goes though.

Have a great remainder of the week everyone.