Saturday, 7 January 2012

Patience is a virtue not yet learnt

I am not a overly patient person something that is common knowledge to my husband and my best friend T. I try though and am getting much better with it and every day is a step towards being a better person but it doesnt mean that i dont get frusturated and today was just one of those days.

Bad picture quality but this is G before he decided to pull the hook out of the wall for no apparent reason looking all handsome in his tack.

I have been a little concerned about G's water intake because in the quarantine pen there is no electricity to plug in a water heater so it keeps freezing over but even when i put fresh water into the water bin he has no interest in drinking the water. I can see that the water is going down but we have had very strange weather and their is no snow so i purchased a salt lick and some beet pulp and a "multivitamin" that has some electrolytes. T also suggested that i take out a bucket of warm water and see if he will drink that, all of those things helped him and he drank the entire pail of warm water and ate half the beet pulp.

We worked today on him not being pushy with his head, allowing me to pick up his feet, tacking up, not walking off while tacking or from the mounting block. It is going very slow and i know he is young and i keep trying to remind myself of that but its hard to keep focused and stay patient. G is just trying to figure out what it is that i want him to do and is for the most part being patient. I really want to ride him and start working on our riding, but i know if i rush it i could miss a crutial part in our ground work. So it looks like we are stuck on the ground for a little bit.

Its also really hard to ride... there is never anyone else at the barn. I wear a helmet when i am riding(most of the time) but it still worries me a little riding alone at night because if anything where to happen no one would be out until the morning and thats if they come into the arena when they get there so when G is uneasy and we are struggling to get our ground work down i dont feel really comfortable riding.

On a possitive note we have made great progress in our lunging, he easily lunges both directions and is getting better with his transitions. We will get there it will just take time, its nice to see progress but im not going to say i wouldnt like it to be faster, Clearly i am learning just as much as he is.
Im going to bed im just pooped mentally, tomorrow will be better!


  1. My pony had to re-learn how to stand at the mounting block these last few weeks. She wanted to walk off right when I got on. It is REALLY hard to be patient, especially when it seems like one day they get it and the next they don't! After two solid weeks of getting on and off and on and off and not letting her walk off, we finally had a day where she stood like a rock. Of course, the next day she was back to her old tricks. Keeping the online blog (journal) is a great way to be able to look back in a few months and see how far you've come!! I'm excited to see your progress!!

  2. Yeah thats why i started it, so i can see how far i have come as a person and how far G has come. We will be doing the same i guess for the next bit. Hes getting today and tomorrow off then we will start fresh on Tuesday and see how it goes.
    Good luck with your pony!