Sunday, 1 January 2012

Welcome 2012!!

Today was a great day i finally moved G to the new barn! I got out there to help get him loaded into the trailer, last time it wasnt an issue but i think he knew this time he wouldnt be going home, so it took about 20 mins and a bucket of grain to coax him onto the trailer.

While waiting for one of the executives to come out to the quarantine pen to tell us which one to put him in N (original owners) opened the window for G to put his head out and of course murphys law he has a cut just above his eye. It isnt to bad bleeding has stopped and it scabbing over ill have to keep an eye on it though. My boy did so good he let me clean out his cut, pick up his feet and clean them out as well as put a new heavy winter blanket on him, he is so good.

Today was also the first day of my diet and it is going really well so far, im counting hauling buckets of water and hay bails as my exercise. My starting weight is 151.2 cant wait to be back down in the 130's!

Anyways back to the quarantine pen; my only issue with it is.... its a round metal water trough, there are no plug ins for a water heater and i have to be out there at least 2x a day to break the ice and make sure that he has water. I have been doing some research and aparently if i put a ball in it that should prevent it from freezing over. The weather has been pretty mild so i am hoping that the cut above his eye is the only issue i have to deal with while he is in quarantine. I will have more pictures of the cut up tomorrow.

D (original owner) took a great video of him having a bit of a temper tantrum in the pen, pushing me over with his head. After a few mins he settles right in, ill post the link for the video at the bottem. Im just about to head out to the barn to make sure he is good for the night. I am taking name suggestions by the way, i am keeping his registered name as is of course but he needs a barn name Gjonstone is a little akward.

I am so happy he is such a great horse!! ill post more tomorrow!!

Video of G at his new home

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