Monday, 24 September 2012

Saucy Saturdays + Saddle Sold

As many of you know i have been battling with a Giraffe the last couple rides so i decided that obviously something that i am doing is causing him discomfort because its not like G to flat out refuse to do what i asked. Some people asked if it was maybe his teeth so we ruled that out, then it was his saddle... to be honest i am not completely sure what it is that might be causing him to act so out of sorts but i have been working at eliminating different things.

Saturday i went out to work with G i was planning for it to be a nice easy ride since it is our last weekend at EGSC. One of the guys at the barn suggested that maybe my issues stem from my saddle fit, but there are no points were my saddle pinches my horses back the saddle fits perfect and G doesnt swish his tail or get girthy. Either way i figured i would take the advise i was given on my previous post and lunge him first... i asked him to walk off and he went into a bucking and kicking fit.... with my saddle on... so i stopped him took all my tack off and we started again same thing... i was really nervous to ride him but i lunged him both sides until he was calm relaxed then we walked all the way back to the barn to get my helmet (yes i know i should ALWAYS ride with a helmet, but i dont and i understand what could happen and all that but its a choice that i make as an adult when i get on my horse.) today was definitely a helmet kind of day. This time when i tacked up i left the girth a lot loser i checked how tight it was at the sternum and not the sides.

I prepared for a bit of a fight at the mounting chair since i figured it would be a nice change to ride in the outdoor since we still are having great weather, but it only took 2x to get him back were he should be at the chair so i could get on... he then waited for me to ask him to walk on... i was shocked.. this is the horse i know. So we did some nice relaxing loops around the arena did a little bit of trot on the lose rein, a few trot rails. Then it was off down the road to see how he would do out on a bit of a hack just the two of us.. he was very nervous as he is when ever we do something new and i am not standing beside him but he did great we even crossed the highway and did some trot circles in the neighbores feild. I didnt ask for contact all i wanted was forward and to enjoy our ride. I did however focus a lot more on my position and keeping myself straight. He did great even when a car flew past us on the highway while we were on the shoulder, he didnt panic or bolt he just kept going.

Sunday i went out again for a quick ride again in the out door, i lunged him quick just to make sure that if he had any bucking or kicking to get out it was on there and not while i was on his back... put on my helmet (2 days in a row look at me go lol) tighten his girth the same as i did the day before (at the sternum) this time there was no fighting at the mounting chair he stood still and it was nice and easy to hop on. We did some walk and some trot as well as walking over a few cross rails that were set up in the arena it was a great way to end my experience at EGSC.

Last night i also sold my Paris tack dressage saddle which couldnt come at a better time... AND i got to ride a standard bred... which felt like riding a llama.... Pretty neat feeling...

Have a great week everyone!

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