Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Update on Barn Tragedy

A few weeks ago we had one of our barn members take her own life, it was a bit of a shock to the entire barn because it was so random. It was under investigation because the entire circumstance seemed a little odd but i never heard anything else after that.

Her boyfriend came out a few times right after it happened with his family to bath Lilly and feed her treats but other than that there hasnt been many visitors.

Basically because the horse was not in the will the horse and all the tack must be settled with the estate so we have to wait around to see what the result is, which is hard because this horse needs to be ridden and needs that one on one time with people but due to our barn rules and regulations we are not really allowed to handle other peoples horses without permission from that person specifically. We are all stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Lilly had mud rot or mud fever what ever you want to call it for a few weeks and myself and another lady went out every day to scrub this mares legs and put the ointment on her at first she hated it and i almost needed a face mask with all the strikes she had aimed at my head but she did settle down as it got better which was excellent.

We were also able to put Lilly in with out heard so she was not alone and everyone who went to the feild could sneak some grain and treats out to her when no one was watching.

Sunday the BF was out to spend a little time with Lilly, there was no one at the barn and i couldnt reach anyone to verify if he was allowed to be there so i just left it alone it wasnt really my place to meddle more than i have been as it is.... so the BF went out to get Lilly and do what ever it is he did with her.

Monday Lilly turned up lame she was found in the feild first thing in the morning hobbling around with extreme pain in her front left leg/shoulder/foot, she was immediatly given some bute to help keep the pain down and is not again seperated from the herd left to attempt to whinny at the herd as she watches them run around in the pasture in her sad "death call" as my friend calls it.(She under went vocal cord surgery when she was on the track, its a very depressing sound if you have ever heard it). I havnt heard if the vet has come out or what is going on with that... again rock and a hard place because our club is now footing all of the bills for this horse.

The horses all seem to feel the change in energy at the barn, i dont like being there at night alone anymore its not as peaceful and the horses seem very stressed out at night... not sure what is causing that but it is not very pleasant.


  1. aye :( sending good thoughts your way!

    1. Thanks we definitely could use some good vibes out at the barn especially with the more bad news today

  2. So sorry to hear that Lilly has to suffer because of legalities... that must be very hard to be around. I hope things resolve favorably for your barn and that poor horse.