Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Eviction and now a Barn search

I spoke with the people that over see our barn yesterday and it would appear that my ex husband has cancelled our membership and the membership is now in arrears. I was told by our saddle club president that if i get the account cleared up that they would allow me to stay at the barn until my divorce was finalized, well that wasnt true.

After getting off the phone with the management company i cannot stay at the barn under any circumstance they will not make an exception for me. My husband has removed me from all work paper work and unless he adds me again i will be getting notice to get my horse off of the premises.

Long story short im refusing to pay his outstanding debts to them so now i get to start the barn search yet again and try to budget to find a way to be able to manage the more expensive board at other places.

I panicked last night a little bit and went to look at a barn that was "close" to were i live... yeah it was about a 40 minute drive. The arena was a small wet sand box type thing, no outdoor arena and the tack room was a good walking distance away from the stalls... it was an odd place.

I have a few more places to look at over the next week or so. Im going to be very happy when life slows down for me if that ever happens lol.

On the up side.... Spruce Meadows this weekend with my best friend this is exactly what i need a girls weekend.