Friday, 14 September 2012

Could have sworn i bought a horse....

And not a Giraffe...

Last night I went out to ride and something crazy happened I went out to the field and I saw G look under another horse at me then started walking towards me only a step or two but I will take that over walking away from me any day.

He was great while tacking up as usual, the battle at the mounting block was shorter than I was expecting it to be then it was go time.

As soon as I got on he had his head as high as he could possibly get it with his standing martingale on and he was walking a really fast awkward pace.... hey at least we had forward right? We had forward but we definitely did not have straight I could feel him wiggling underneath me and he was constantly tripping over himself it was like riding a two year old good thing I put boots on him.

We continued to ride around at this awkward pace I would slow him down then start to ask for contact then right back into the crazy fast Giraffe walk he would go in to. At one point he was stepping so high I could feel the elevation in his front end I wish I would have video taped this whole thing I’m sure it looked absolutely ridiculous and I know it is his attempt to try and find a way to get out of working since now all his other ways are not working.

We got into one of the scary corners of the arena and he started to lean on my leg so I gave him a tap with the whip to get him to stop ignoring my leg, he also ignored the whip and started going backwards so I gave him another tap which resulted..... In him rearing... not an all out YEEHAAWW kind of rear but enough that his front legs were where his chest should have been while standing. I was shocked he had never tried to rear on me before I was also pretty proud of myself because when he came down I was still on his back and not barely I was planted pretty firmly in the saddle I think he was quite disappointed because I pushed him forward as soon as his hooves touched the ground.

I took him back to a walk, which he kept very forward, and asked for just the slightest big of contact which he eventually gave to me and we did some trot at the awkward Giraffe pace/style and called it a day.

Positives of the ride... I stayed on when he reared... I haven’t laughed more during a ride than I did last night.... eventually he gave me just a little bit of what I wanted so all in all a win.

I love my horse and all his shenanigans <3

**and yes this post was spell checked**


  1. Yikes. Is the martingale a new addition? He could have been testing it, which is one reason why I do not like martingales, or there may have been something else going on.

    1. no he has been on the martingale for quite some time now. His teeth have been checked so its not his teeth, its just plain stubborness he is completly evading everything i ask him to do. lol