Monday, 1 October 2012

Big Weekend Move

Over the weekend we did our clear out of the old barn and moved into our new barn. G wont be in a stall for the winter which sucks but i cant afford to keep him in a stall at the new barn right now maybe in the future just somthing my princess horse will need to get used too. So we have our lessons booked 1 lesson a week. 3 lessons will be with an Eventing coach (to work on basics and dressage) then 1 lesson a month will be with a dressage coach.

I was worried about G loading since he didnt do to great when i bought him but he did great right up and onto the trailer. I was even able to ride him at the new barn with no major issues other than he cant figure out how to back into the cross ties.

The sand arena was amazing but very different for G he was very sweaty after about 30 mins of riding. Anyways here are a few pictures for everyone, expect many more pictures because i went out and bought an iphone *sigh* so i can actually take great photos.

Hi mom!

i dunno mom new barns are scary

new cross ties after 20 minutes of coaxing

were we going mom?

checkin out the new feild mates

bye bye old stall #6

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  1. glad the move went well!

    I hope the new barn is awesome :)