Thursday, 13 September 2012

Girls weekend! at Spruce Meadows!

Last weekend was the 2nd annual girls weekend away to Spruce Meadows for the Masters. This year we managed to get 3 days in instead of the 2 we managed last year. My best friend and coach drove down from B.C with another one of our friends. It was so amazing i will only touch on some of the highlights... i have photos but im going to have to try to figure out a way to get some up on here.

I met the girls down there late Thursday and we went to the horse show all day friday to do some shopping and get it out of the way. I didnt have much money to go down with so i was holding out for a different store. But as usual Spruce always impresses with all the vendors and the great deals they have on everything. We watched the 6 bar which had 2 first place winners the finishing height was 6"5! The French team were the nicest of all they were done doing autographs at their booth when we came up and after the 3 of us looking rather sad they stopped and signed some cards for us.We watched the Strathcona's do their musical ride and saw the last couple riders that day. Then it was off to the bar for some drinks and dancing with a few of our Strat friends. We went two stepping it was so much fun i had a BLAST!

Saturday was good the girls were a little crabby due to the lack of sleep but we hit up my favorite place on earth The Tack Collector If you are ever in the Calgary AB area go and check this place out amazing deals! I was in heaven when i realised that again we came down on a blow out weekend which ment 50% off everything lol. So i bought myself a paid of really nice long reins with the rope $10 (i wanna say rope reins but they are not the western kind?) a cute orange Anky dressage polo $5 (sleeveless) which im wearing to work and a pair of Breeches $10 AND AND best find of the weekend 1 pair of white TailorSportsmans show breeches for $10 and another paid of brand new Tailor Sportsmans in baby blue with the tags still on them showing the original sale price of $198 and i paid.... drum roll...... $15. Couldnt have been happier i fricken love that place! We made it just in time for the International to see the Canadian favorites ride, unfortunatly Tiffany Foster had a real hard time her horse ran right through one of the jumps and then the second time flat out refused it. There were also a few riders that retired.

Saturday night was more partying but unfortunatly we were one girl short due to a huge migraine. We managed to get into ranchmans VIP because my Grandpa is an old Rodeo Clown and they love him in there so we managed to get stamps after our free dinner so we could get back in without line or cover. But it was packed so we decided to hit up a little pub accross the street which was a much better environment.

Sunday was an early day because i had to leave from the event to Edmonton right after to pick my little guy up. The Masters were amazing! Everyone did great. We were all a little sad with Eric Lamaze's withdraw from the masters but it was understandable they should have held the memorial for hickstead after i guess he was a little to choked up to compete and with good cause. Only one major fall and i cant remember for the life of me who it was at this point. No jump off required either. I love going to watch stuff like this but i have a hard time following as well as my friends did them being jumpers and all.

It was a great girls weekend all in all filled with shopping horses and free samples (i left with bags and bags of horse food) i cant wait until next year to do it all over again. I highly recommend making it to Spruce Meadows I could go on and on forever about the great weekend we had the funny conversations and the new friends made but no one wants to read that.

Get your butt to Spruce Next year! see you guys there!

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