Thursday, 13 September 2012

100th Post + Barn Move

Wow 100 posts, i usually struggle to commit to things like this! I just wanted to thank everyone who follows my blog and reads my posts and some times drops a comment. I know the posts are poorly written because they are thrown together quickly while im at work, but it means a lot to me all the knowledge that i get from the comments as well as reading all your blogs as well.

This blog has helped to keep me sane and has made it very easy for me to see my progress and to see how much closer i get to my goals every time i go out and work with my horse. How ever injury is a reminder of how delicate life can be and how important it is to spend every day smiling and with the things we love.

This year has been crazy and im sure it wont slow down but things are looking up for me thankfully. Thanks again everyone!

I thought I'd take the opportunity to post the website for the barn i am moving too.... i have arranged transportation we move September 29 2012. Cant wait!

Gallifrey Equestrian


  1. Congrats on the 100th post!

  2. Good luck on the move and congratulations on the Blog Milestone!