Friday, 10 August 2012

Stressed to the max!

Sorry for the long absence I still have no computer so no way to post pics at this time and the new job is keeping me very busy. Last weekend I went out and rode 3 days trying to cut down some of G's fat. Our weight problem has gone from one extreme to the other now he is like riding a rain barrel very lazy and pokey thankfully this month the horses will be moved off of the summer pasture and back into the winter pasture no more hiking a mile to get my horse and a 30 minute walk back into the barn with a horse who does not want to come in.

I also picked up a new saddle, I got a great deal on a brand new Mondega Dante Dressage saddle that fits G perfect for now until I can afford something better I'm slowly upgrading all my tack it is a work in progress. G loves the new saddle he is so much more forward well as forward as he can be with his extra 200 lbs. now to sell my winter All Purpose and my Paris tack dressage saddle.

We got a new horse at the barn a big retired OTTB when I initially met the new owner I really liked her she seemed really nice and like she knew her stuff... So I thought. My barn has Very strict quarantine rules that have to be followed when you bring in a new horse you can read about some of them at the beginng of my blog, anyways the new lady at our barn handled her horse who is in quarantine then went out into the herd and touched all the other horses. So now no horses can leave or enter the barn for 2 weeks we are on lock down because someone felt the rules didn't apply to them.

*sigh* last weekend on Monday I put a fly sheet on G and sprayed him with his fly spray and put him out to pasture since for what ever reason MY horse cannot be moved off of pasture even though everyone else's horses can should they see fit. Any ways I got a call on my way out to calgary yesterday that G's blanket got stuck under his chest and rubbed all the skin off of his chest to the point it was bleeding in some spots. I'm sure about 20 people have gone into that field in the past 3 days and no one noticed him. My poor boy I feel terrible that I'm not there to take care of him. Almost in tears on the drive to Calgary I called the vet and got her recommendations unpasturized honey until the cut parts heal then dermagel until it heals up completely and swat to keep the bugs out. Luckily I have an amazing roommate who is taking care of him for me while I am gone, I am very lucky to have such a great friend but I am very unhappy with my barn, I just need to make it through the winter at this point then I'll move G in the spring.

Pictures to come its not as bad as it sounds but I felt so helpless. Hopefully the hair comes in properly and not white *fingers crossed* I can't wait to be done in Calgary and heading home to be with my horse .


  1. So sorry about this. I hope things improve for you soon.

  2. Thank you believe me so do I the past 2 weeks have just been a gong show. I will be thankful for the snow I think lol I get to see my horse more and less injuries!