Thursday, 16 August 2012

Tragedy at the Barn

Recently we had a new girl named Jen join our barn she was early 30's i believe very tall beautiful confident woman. My trainer spent a few weeks helping her find the perfect horse for her considering she was new to get back into riding and hadnt ridden in years they did in a OTTB (off the track for about 5 years) named Lilly, a gorgeous dark brown horse very sweet disposition and wanting to please everyone.

I didnt know Jen very well i had met her a few times and my trainer spoke very highly of her so even though she had violated the quarantine i didnt let that affect how i was around her. Everyone else how ever were not as forgiving, i spoke with Jen on Sunday she seemed her usual cheery self she was interested in buying one of my saddles that i have for sale and we were making arrangements for later that week to ride together so she could try it out. We talked about the other members at the barn and how she shouldnt take it to heart and that she could ride with myself and my room mate anytime we would love for her to join us. We spoke about the breach of quarantine and how it was just a big misunderstanding everything seemed great no issues. Later that day i was planning on inviting her with us to Spruce Meadows for the Masters we go every year and this year theres is 4 girls going and we are going to make it a bit of a big deal and have a girls weekend away.

Monday i messaged her... no answer... i messaged again later that day... no answer....

Tuesday an e-mail went out to our club stating that Sunday in the middle of the night Jen had taken her life (this i am skeptical about i think there is a heck of a lot more going on here than thankfull it is under investigation). So now the barn is a quiet depressing place, Jen's family keeps coming to visit Lilly which is great... but Lilly is just sitting there in a feild waiting for her owner to come see her and bring her treats i wonder if she knows that shes not coming.

I feel extremely frusterated at the barn right now with everything that has happened with G and now this.... This was very out of character for Jen she was so happy she was making plans she went out and bought a horse... all things that you dont do when you are feeling how she would have had to feel to want to do that... to feel like what ever it was was bigger than her, a problem that couldnt be solved. Im also frusterated with people at the barn, one of the ladies i occasionally ride with said it perfectly "i hope people here realise that their actions and harsh words to Jen may have been the straw that broke the camels back"

Anyways that is enough of my depressing post i just needed to get off my chest, the funeral is on tuesday.. im not sure at this time if i am going to go, i know i should but this whole thing doesnt sit well with me....


  1. Wow I am so sorry :( That does sound suspicious and I hope that they figure it out. As all horse lovers know, we wouldn't get a new baby and leave them!

    Praying for her family!

    1. Yes the circumstance of "how" she did it even more so as well as the boyfriends statement of how he found her. I just hope the family can find closure and be able to make peace with this and if the boyfriend didnt have anything to do with it i hope that he finds peace as well, guilt is a heavy burden to carry without it being about possibly causing someones death.