Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Wordless Wednesday Orphaned horse

well kind of.....

This is Lilly, hard to see but on her 2 hind legs she has mud rot? mud fever? Im not sure what the vet called it since i was not there for the vet appointment Lilly's original owner was the one who dealt with the vet all i know is it is contageous and needs to be scrubbed daily and have ointment put onto it.

She is getting much better this was last night you can see kinda were it is all red and were there is no hair and a bit of a scab on the one leg. It looks a thousand times better now that she is getting treated properly and consistantly not when ever is convenient for the other members.

Her hooves were also cracking very badly almost all the way up to the band. The other members were using this crappy super watery hoof moisturizer which i threw out so no one would be tempted to use it because it is doing NOTHING for her feet. I have been using my own Rain Maker hoof stuff (which i love its amazing) and the cracks are closing up beautifully and they are not moving any further up her hoof thank fully.

Now just to get it into my head that i cannot afford 2 horses lol!

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