Saturday, 18 August 2012

Blissful Evening

Dispite the events of the week i spent the entire evening last night out at the barn and it felt amazing.

**Did i mention that on Thursday i had to take my 4 year old to get 4 stitches**

I brought G in and brushed him all out, did a little clean up of his man parts and cleaned and moisturized his feet. I wasnt sure if i was going to ride because i had brought my dog out with me and G still isnt 100% recovered from last week but i figured we would give it a try and have a short ride to kinda gauge how the weekend was going to go.

I tacked him up and hopped on he was fantastic all the grooming made him nice and relaxed so our work at the walk was great he even took contact with the bit with very little fighting.

The trot was not so pretty he was really hanging off of my inside leg and dropping that shoulder to the inside.

I cannot wait to have lessons again to help refresh G's memory a little and to help get me back to were i was.

All in all a great night... even thought the barn feels really eerie being there at night alone now.


  1. Glad you had a good ride, and relaxing horse time. From your last post it sounded like things have been stressful at the barn.

    Hope your little one is recovering!

    1. Yeah it has been a bit hectic but we are managing i dont mind crazy but i definitely love when everything slows down and i can think a little bit.

      He is doing good the stitches didnt even phase him.

  2. yay for a good ride and barn time!! :)