Friday, 27 July 2012

BIG BIG changes

Im sorry everyone i have been extremely busy there has been so many huge changes for me over the last month or so, so unforunatly my blogging has suffered... a HUGE part of it is i dont have a computer anymore. Anyways big changes;

1) I took a new job at another company, i make a lot more money, dont work weekends and i dont have to work past 5pm so once i am caught up on all my little debt i can quit my second job and ride more than i am now.

2) Alex and i split and i moved into my friends house, a good friend of mine from the barn just bought a house and offered for my son, my dog and our rabbit to all move in there for very reasonable rent. So i jumped on the offer and with very short notice i have been trying to move my stuff in loads that will fit in my car... havnt figured out how on earth i am going to move the couches yet...

3) I have started to use a standing martingale on G when i ride him and it has been very positive for him, he is unable to toss his head which makes me feel a lot less anxious when i am on his back, we even went on a trail ride!! lol my next post will be about that i have to find a way to get some pictures off of facebook and onto here from that ride.... may be difficult since my new work has facebook blocked.

Those are the 3 major changes that i have made; all for the better i feel amazing right now i am so so happy... things really are looking up and i hope they stay that way!

On a side note...

My trainer left today to move back to Vancouver, i have a brave face on but she is my best friend and my rock when i am allowing myself to be a little crazy. Im going to miss her more than anything in the world but her dreams are taking her out that way and i completely respect that.. but the selfish part of me wanted her to stay ha ha! Again more on that when i have a little more time to post... work is crazy busy and i have stuff i should probably get off my desk before the weekend. I promise this weekend i will find a way to get a few posts in.

Thank you so much to my followers you guys are amazing even when i get tardy about my posts!

FYI Eventing tonight Olympics watch it! ill be PVRing all the eventing and dressage to watch when i have a few minutes to breath.

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  1. Yay for progress with the pony and good changes!! :)