Thursday, 16 August 2012

Missing my Trainer

My Trainer moved back to British Columbia end of July and we stopped our lessons begining of July and now i feel like i am stuck.... like my direction is lacking. I go out and try to work on perfecting the things we had worked on in my last few lessons but i dont feel like im getting any where. I miss having her yell at me to get it right.

I have been searching for a new trainer that is reasonably priced the dressage coach that currently comes out charges $60 for a 45 minute lesson at that rate i cant afford weekly lessons like i would like.

I have contacted numerous coaches in my area and usually i end up getting back snotty responses like "your barn doesnt have a heated indoor arena from what i hear and i wont do lessons in the winter in the cold" well Lady you are horribly mistaken we have a big Olympic dressage sized heated arena bigger and nicer than most professional riders ride in but if your going to be a bi*** then i dont really want to take lessons with you anyways.

Then i got one "well its not worth my while to do lessons there unless i have 3 students" well one of the "students" is no longer walking the earth so you are out besides we DONT want group lessons either.

Most people didnt even bother to e-mail me back, some flat out refused to come to our barn. I do however have 1 trainer that will be calling me on Sunday to discuss details we will see how it goes with her im hoping she is reasonably priced and has days available that would work with us.

I also FINALLY recieved a call back from a gentleman whose sister used to train my old Trainer Phillip Ross, he sounds amazing and very flexible i have to call him back end of this month to set up something with him the only down side is he knows nothing about dressage... so he will work great for my room mate but not so great for me, But he did mention that if i found that i wasnt learning from him he would find a dressage trainer that would work for me that would be willing to come out to the barn.

*sigh* i need lessons i need a kick in the a** my horse is fat im putting on some weight as well... its easier to put him on a diet than it is myself.

After this winter im moving to a dressage barn.... im going crazy.

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