Thursday, 30 August 2012

whats that a new coach you say?!

Monday night my room mate N and i had a phone "interview" with a lady who is willing to come to our barn to coach us through out the winter. She sounds great and is very excited so hopefully it all goes well... we meet with her on Sunday for an assessment she would be working with G and i mostly on our flat work and dressage getting us ready for competition next spring and we will most likely start G over fences to make him happy and give him something fun to do in between the dressage lessons.

Just need to be brave.... i have jumped before... not much though... time for no more excuses... Forward and Onward... we got this!

This is long over due, for some reason it is just so hard to get someone out to our barn to work with us because there isnt enough interest or we are to "out of the way".

Im going out tonight to see G and the clock is not going fast enough i feel like a 5 year old waiting for birthday presents.

Ill have more to post about tomorrow after our ride... i think im going to try to do some canter work... maybe.... i know i need to stop being suck a baby about it and canter my horse, hopefully im still feeling brave tonight and dont manage to talk myself out of it.

If any of you are on Twitter i am too follow me :) Horse2Jump.

G is also doing much better, the hair is not growing back on his chest and although he is not happy about to say the least he is starting to look more like a regular horse again.

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