Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Summer is almost here... catch up post

I have been such a bad blogger it has been about two weeks since my last blog post. I will make it up to you guys though I am a little more settled everything has been moved into the new place and it seems that everything has settled down for the time being.
With everything being so calm G and I have had some of the best rides together and with the warmer weather coming I am anxious to get him used to us riding outside. We have made a lot of progress even though I am a little to poor right now to be able to pay for my lessons. I have decided not to take that second job because it will majorly cut into my horse time. So we are going to see how the summer goes it should be busier at work which would mean more commission for me.
G and I have been able to ride in the arena in all corners with very little fuss or refusing to do what I’m asking. I don’t need to ride with a whip because he is so responsive right now to my aids I am loving it, there is no backing up, no changing directions without my cues, it feels like he is a 20 year old horse some days.  We have been continuing to work on our trot work, I alternate from posting trot and seated trot, my legs and abs are getting much stronger and I am finding that I am able to keep my butt in the saddle much easier as well as control the pace of our trot with my seat and my posting. I need a little more work on it but we practice as often as I can but not for long periods of time since G is a little pudgy from the great life he had before so a little bit at a time for now.
His muscle definition is coming back really quickly so soon we will be able to ride for longer and start working on our canter. I have been keeping my hands still without even thinking about it… my riding seems to be falling into place the less I stress and beat myself up about it. He also is no longer walking off at the mounting block and we are able to ride in an arena with other people and horses with his attention on me.
I am really excited because things are going great with Alex and I, he even bugs me to go riding during the week after dinner and once my son is in bed offering to keep an eye on him make sure he is ok. So I think I am going to take advantage of this situation and try to ride Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and maybe add a Tuesday in there so G is getting a few days off here and there.
Sorry for such a crazy here there and everywhere type of post but I wanted to get caught up so I can stay on track with our progress. I am also trying to clean up my grammar and spelling by using Microsoft Word to write the posts so it does not appear that a 10 year old is writing this blog.
Its going to be a great year everyone!


  1. So glad everything is going so great!

  2. Thanks me too. Im super optimistic lol lets hope it stays.