Thursday, 16 February 2012

Quick update

This week have been really busy, i have been trying to move my stuff all week into Alex's (crush's) house i was offered to move there for cheap rent. I went out to the barn yesterday because it was my day off and i was able to rush through packing and cleaning my old place (which is still not done) to get to go out and play with G. The Strathcona's were in the arena so we were not able to ride but we went for a nice long peaceful walk and worked on our standing patiently in the cross ties, not trying to push our way out of a stall when the door is partially open, and lifting our feet nicely when asked without a fight.

On Monday the ferrier was out and said not to worry about the crack in his hoof its completly normal this time of year, and that his feet look great.

Im going out tonight to ride and practice all the things i have learned in my last 3 lessons since i am to broke to afford a lesson this week. I will take lots of pictures at the barn tonight because i realise i have not been putting enough pictures up.

Hope everyone had a great valentines day!

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