Friday, 3 February 2012

Runaway dogs!!

I didnt end up having a lesson last night because as i was loading my car i returned to the house to get the dogs and put them into my car. My dog Crixus runs to the car and patiently waits for me to open the door for him and will dive bomb into any open car door he can get into. Maggie (for the crush at least) will do the same... well i went back into the house to get the dogs and opened the door expecting them both to run to the car and wait patiently for me to lock up and let them in the car....

Wrong! Maggie bolted and because my dog is a puppy and not very bright he chased after her.... I called and called but they kept running and i very quickly lost site of them. My neighborhood is very busy with traffic and cars parked on the sides of the roads. I immediatly called my trainer T and she came to my house right away to help look. The crush came as well but he was a good 20 minutes away. I was so mad.. mostly at his dog.. which isnt right i know but this is NOT something my dog have EVER done before he ALWAYS comes when he is called.

We searched for almost 1.5 hours before we found someone who had seen them running around. So i got out of my car and started searching on foot... still nothing, no sounds no barks nothing. I met up with the crush and we walked the opposite direction from were they were spotted. My trainer T is so funny she pulled up next to me to tell me where they were spotted and she has some random guy who could barely speak English in her car... i love her to death she is such a great person, loves animals and would do ANYTHING to find them!

All of a sudden the crush points to a fence line accross a HUGE feild and a major road that is very busy with traffic and says he see's them... I was dressed in my riding gear with my knee high boots.. there was no way i could run that distance and catch them so i walked as quick as i could terrified to call the dogs in case they tried to cross the road again. Crush took off, he is in amazing shape might i add... and quickly left me behind... when i caught up he had both dogs by their collars.

My dog of course was super excited to see us and that us humans finally joined their walk, his tail was wagging and a big grin on his face. Maggie on the other hand knew she was in big big trouble and didnt wag her tail at all kept her head down the entire time we walked back to my house. I was so relieved that they were both ok and there were no injuries.

Once we got them back to the crush's house i noticed blood on my pants, Maggie was bleeding quite a bit from her nose and had a chunk of fur missing on her front leg as well as her back, one of her nails was also broken. I put pressure on every bone and her organs and no flinching her left eye was quite swollen as well, so i used a que tip to check if it was just a small cut in her nose... My dog of course is just fine having a grand ol' time jumpin around wagging his tail trying to get us to pay attention to him.

This morning when i woke up her nose was still bleeding a little just not as bad and she was still very sore and wouldnt jump on the bed but still no flinching when i put pressure on her bones and organs. Her breathing is a little shallow and loud but when listening to her lungs they sound fine. I may take her to the Vet tonight... against the crush' wishes he feels that she is fine and will heal on her own... but her breathing and limited movements make me worry, so i will have to sneak her to the vet lol.

Im exhausted today but i will be out riding tonight so more on Lesson #2 tomorrow. Hopefully there is no more dog stress.

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