Friday, 17 February 2012

Non-riders Riding Tips

My favorite part of owning a horse has been all the tips you recieve from people who know people who at one point owned a horse that they might have done something on they think.... I appreciate advice in all forms, i have learned to take some with a grain of salt and others i will learn from.

Last night i went out to the barn and the crush (Alex) came along with me, yes he has a name and i guess i will slowly start to put more detail about him into my blogs lol, Alex rides with the Lord Strathcona Mounted Troop in their musical ride. He is currently on his second year of riding with them and is one of their better riders... but those horses are nothing like mine.

While attempting to sit a trot he was reminding me to keep my toes in and to keep my hands steady... which i greatly appreciate the reminders... but they he started to tell me HOW to sit the trot and how i am doing it wrong. Now dont get me wrong most people telling me this i would take their advice but Alex's first time on a horse was with the Mounted troop im pretty sure, and those horses are 10-20 year old QH that have been ridden by about 100 different people in their career and dont really even need a rider to complete the musical ride. So after he insisted i was doing it wrong i got off and allowed him to "show me" lol.  He was unable to get G to go in the direction he wanted at first, then he couldnt get him in a trot, then at the trot he was bouncing more than i was. I couldnt help but laugh i wish i had gotten a video for you guys to see.

Alex is a good sport though he got off G and admitted that he is completely different from the other horses at the base, his movement is much bigger and a lot faster than those on the base. Its nice having the company at the barn but i think now that he might refrain from some of his "advice".

Im hoping to make it out to the barn tonight to sneak in a ride either before or after my valentines day date tonight.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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