Monday, 11 June 2012

Bad Blogger Bad!

I am sorry for such a long leave of absense i have been so incredibly busy the last little bit with weddings, working 2 jobs, birthdays and everything else on top of that. Im exhausted summer is such a busy time for us at work the only upside is that i make commission so the extra money is really helping out with the debt.

I have only been able to get out to see G about 2x a week but now that things have calmed down im going to start lessons back up with T again on Wednesday nights since she doesnt mind teaching me and making sure that my son isnt burning down the barn at the same time. As much as i was enjoying getting cheaper lessons i feel like i have somewhat surpassed her after watching her ride, and she doesnt challenge me enough my posting trot is really good now id like to get the canter down with G but she doesnt think we are ready even though i feel ready. Where as T pushes me and challenges me, i guess im just not as patient as i thought i was lol.

G has had shoes on his fronts now for almost 6 weeks and he seems to love it. He has even started to pick his feet up with very little coaxing which is amazing. We are also working on the handling of his feet and legs a lot more also because every day before riding we do some stretches. He especially LOVES when i bring his front leg forward and straighten them out he usually will push into the stretch a little more and his eyes get all glossy and as soon as im done with one he starts lifting the other for me to finish on the other side.

We have been doing a lot of work on our trot in the arena there really isnt anything he can do to throw me off balance in the saddle at this point, i am able to transition a little bit easier. Our transition to a walk could use a little more work. We have also started working through Dressage 101 (my favorite book ever!).

G's feed is still the same for the most part i have recently added ground Flax to his beet pulp i give him on the days that i ride to help try and get him to put on weight. It has resulted in amazingly shiny and soft fur he looks fantastic and now that he is getting all the muscle he looks like a horse that is worked not a pasture ornament i love it!

Yesterday i built up the courage to give riding bareback a shot, when i got on G was a little concerned because it felt weird... he also would try to get into a trot here and there but it was amazing feeling him move under neath me. I have ridden bareback before but never on G he was just always to spunky and spooky for me i didnt feel comfortable but i finally went for it and now we will be doing it more often.

I believe that is a quick and to the point post trying to get everyone caught up. I have a few more whiney posts about relationships and how they suck but ill save that for my other blog. And now for a few pictures of G <3

View from up top
 Gosh he seems like i giant in that picture lol compared to the 8ft fence we are riding next too!
Thanks for brushing all the mud off me mom <3
Doesnt he look super shiny! im gonna try to get some better pictures of him these angled pictures dont do him justice. I also need to do something about his mane its terrible! Any ideas? Other than roaching it

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