Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Sundays ride + cute video

Sorry i have been sooo busy i am currently on the hunt for a better paying job with shorter hours so it has been a little hectic. But i finally found some time to update about the quick ride we had on sunday.

I went out on Sunday to see how G was he was standing in his usual spot since they integrated the herd which is right next to the water trough on the Geldings side looking over at the herd on the Mares side. He knows how to get over there he just must be scared of the Mares or something lol. Aparently when they first opened the gate G was one of the first to go over to the other sides but once the mares started getting crazy running and kicking G took off back over to the gelding side almost as if to say "deese bitches be crazay" lol and hasnt gone back over since.

I brought him in and he was not looking stiff or sore and the swelling had gone down so i figured we would ride. He was great to tack up and clean out his feet, his shoes are still doing awesome and looking great and we are on just about 8 weeks im really impressed.

We started off  with a bit of a battle at the mounting block trying to make him stand still so i can get on, i find it very irritating when he tries to rub his face on me while im trying to mount or that the minute i put my foot in the stirrup he tries to walk off, so its still a work in progress but im not scared to hop on anymore so thats a good thing. The other thing we have been trying to work on is not walking off the minute i get on, he is just so enthusiastic to GO and do SOMETHING that waiting for me to get on seems like a bit of an inconvenience to him.

Once on we did our usual walk around the areana to check out all the scary stuff in both directions, then we start with doing circles at every letter with no reins only my legs working on responsivness again in both directions. Then we started working on our contact with the bit and proper frame. Today was much easier to get him into that frame and mindset but i still really have to work on my body working independantly of itself. Its so hard to have your hands doing one thing and your legs doing another, definatly something that i am working on . We did much better i was able to get contact going both directions, with him playing with the bit and haveing just the right about of slobber on his lips.

My trainer always tell me that bum sweat and mouth slobber is good thats what we want evertime we work lol. Anyways we did good in the trot as well with our contact but i am still finding he is hanging on my right leg its making me crazy thats my weaker leg and i cant push him off it so we tend to drift to the right when he is hanging on my leg like that. So i have started carrying my whip in my right hand so when he is hanging on my leg like that and doesnt respond to my leg i can give him a tap with the whip.

All in all a great ride made up for the bad ride last week on wednesday. After i got off i was walking around the arena to stretch out my legs because we have shortened my stirrups and im still working on my heels down muscles i had a bit of a stalker i couldnt help but laugh. G was following me around the arena with his head low trying to catch up to me so he could scratch his face on me, aparently im not just the one that brings the food or the one that brushes him out and loves on him i am also a walking scratching post how lovely.

sorry the video is crappy quality lol but im trying to live up to my new years resolution and post more pictures and videos.

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