Wednesday, 16 May 2012

First Aid Clinic- and other news....

I am a little behind on my posts and for that i apologise i have been very busy and sick ugh the illnesses that are being passed around in my office are terrible but i have now gotten the 3rd out of 3 flu bugs so im assuming that should be the last of it... (i hope).

Anyways... On Saturday i had my Equine First Aid Clinic hosted by equi-healthcanada, Anyone who is in Canada that is following my blog i highly reccomend this course. I learned a lot about bandaging (which is fairly similar to human first aid) it was a great course and a lot of fun as well. G was used as one of the demo horses and he did AMAZING i was shocked!

G is still continueing to do amazing out on his hacks, even more so now that he has had his front feet shod. He loves having them done he seems much happier and picks his feet up easily and doesnt pull them away when i try to clean them. The down side now is he has started backing up.... i ask for forward and he backs up so we are working on that as well... and the bit of attitude that he has developed he has started to kick out during rides if he is not happy with what is going on... again not a big deal we can fix that.

BUT SOME BIG NEWS.... i have been in contact with a Dressage rider that has compted in the Pan-Am games helping qualify Canada for this years Olympics... well she has an opening in her barn... and im going to look on sunday.... its expensive but we have big dreams and i am willing to invest the money into our dreams and making them a reality... so looks like the second job will be staying for much much longer and i will be putting all my money into savings. Im hoping i can wait to move until September but if i have to jump on this opportunity i will. Did i mention the perks of boarding there....
Footing is comprised of washed sand and shavings with Calcium Chloride added to footing to control dust.
10x 12 stalls bedded on shavings cleaned daily.
Grooming /tack stall.
Wash rack with heat lamps.
Individual lockers.
Under floor heating in laundry facility, washroom and coffee room.
Large heated indoor arena harrowed daily and is bright and well ventilated.
Large post rail paddocks with wind shelters.

Im pretty sure i have died and gone to barn heaven, there are some BIG things in store for G and i thats for sure!!

(Names have been removed due to me posting my views on the facility, this blog is for my record and my pleasure only not intended to hurt anyones feelings or affect their business. Sorry everyone)

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