Monday, 25 June 2012

Horses are like kids

You feel the need to wrap them in bubble wrap instead of forever dealing with the cuts and bruises. Sorry everyone but this will likely be a 3 post day i have a bit of catching up to do. All last week i was on barn duty which means every night i have to be out to do the pasture feed. On Friday night we integrated our herd to prepare them to be put out on the summer pasture (which i am super excited for, this should solve our weight problems we have been having) doesnt it look amazing, unfortunatly it is not as close as the winter pastures so catching is going to become a little bit more work but thats ok.

One of the girls i ride with at the barn and i have worked out an arrangement to alternate bringing each others horses in, because we are at a co-op barn we have to do all the work for our own horses as well as the maintenance of the property. So some nights she will bring G in to his stall and ill put him and Bella out other nights it will be reversed but at least now they will both be in the same pasture and i can grab them a ther same time.

So Saturday night i went out to get in a quick ride before my dinner date with a friend, i brought G in before we did the feed so he could get in a little extra hay with no competition in his stall when i noticed a nice little cut on his left hind leg. I didnt take a picture of it initally only when i had it all cleaned up. He seemed really sore and was really uneasy about me touching it so i put off the ride and just set him up in the stall for the night to allow him time to relax without being chased around by everyone trying to redetermine where they fall into the herd.

It doesnt look that bad after it was all cleaned up the dirt removed and some Gel stuff put on it, i was still a little bummed out that i couldnt ride though we had so much stuff i wanted to work on before out next lesson on wednesday. Theres always tomorrow though, im hoping he wont be as stiff and sore tomorrow.
Unfortunatly i have to work Job #2 in the morning and N will be putting him out so i wont be able to see how he is first hand but ill be right out once im off work for some much needed pony time.

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