Monday, 18 June 2012

By george we've got it!

Saturday was a quick ride night because i was suppose to have a date later that night so i have just enough time to get in about 30 mins.

I have been slacking on lunging G before riding him i think that it is good for both of us to mix up the routine a bit, he is by no means hard to handle if he hasnt been lunged he just has a little more... spunk... we will call it that really helps to teach me to keep my bum in the saddle.

The ride went great he picked the contact up right away at the walk and was fairly consistant at holding it and even if we did lose it he would offer it again after a minute or so. Im sure his neck gets sore holding it in that position since he does not have the muscle built up for it yet so i dont get annoyed or try to force him back into the frame i let him take a minute to stretch out a bit and when he offers it again i will take the contact back up. I allow him to tell me when he is ready here because when i DO ask for it he is more than willing to pick it up.

Our frame is not the same as it was during my lesson on Wednesday he seems alittle stiff in the neck and will not get as round as he was during the lesson, but i have another lesson this wednesday and i will have T address that. I can tell that this is hard for him because occasionally he will toss his head and do a little crow hop before giving in to what i am asking.

We worked on contact at the walk and the trot and it went really well, im looking forward to another lesson so we have some more to work on.

However.... in our arena there are some pigeons that have decided to turn it into their home, this was fine when there was a nest and babies living in it but the babies have long since been gone and the adult pigeons just wont let go of the arena. They will fly right at you while your riding which is a HUGE hazard on horse back, especially when your a little girl about birds like i am and find them terrifying without them trying to attack you. If  you open the barn door they will fly out just to return to the closed door 5 minutes later, they will make such a big commotion on the other side of the door until you let them in. G is usually fine for the most part in the arena but as soon as he notices these stupid birds he comes unhinged, During our ride he suddenly caught site of them and took off taking a sharp turn at one end of the arena, had this happened a few months ago i would have been eating dirt.... i lost my stirrup on the outside when he made the sharp turn and was half way off his back on the inside. Thank goodness for my stronger leg muscles and seat because somehow i managed to use my knee on the outside to help keep me somewhat in the saddle and i didnt even use my hands to get rebalanced... went very well i was quite proud of myself lol maybe i am ready for starting our canter work.... maybe....

You know your a horse person when your super proud of how well you stay on or how well you land when you do get tossed.

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