Saturday, 14 April 2012

Vet Day

Today is Vet day at the barn and my poor boy is not going to be a happy camper... I woke up to snow outside again... lovely.

I went out to catch G to find him covered head to toe in mud, but he had to come in because the Vet is out today to vaccinate all of the horses.

G will be getting his 5 way, West Nile, and Strangles vaccination as well as having his sheath cleaned. I left him inside with fresh shavings, water, beet pulp, and some hay to try to make up for the long day he is going to have.

I need some horse therapy and will be out tonight to see him and spend some much needed time with him.


  1. Henry loves his sheath cleaned lol!

    Hope all went well at the vet!

    1. G not so much i guess lol. They had to sedate him just to be able to give him the vaccinations. Im sure if he was done first he would have been fine but being trapped in his stall all day with all the commotion im sure got him all worked up. Im heading out there after work to see how he is and give him some cuddles. Probably keep him in for the night also :)