Saturday, 7 April 2012

Lesson #5

Another lesson, finally I feel like I am back to making progress. I had my lesson with a full arena so there was a lot going on for a young horse like G.
We worked on circles again at the scary side of the arena since the other half was in use for another lesson. The ride felt fantastic he was very responsive to my aids I could have thrown away my reins and still been able to get the response I was looking for. He was great other than the tail swishing when ever another horse came close by, we even had consistent even contact a lot of the lesson he was stretching down into the bit.
Previously I was riding in a snaffle that was fairly thin which (I believe) was causing him to toss his head anytime there was contact in his mouth, so my old trainer T came over the other night with a slightly thicker snaffle for me to try out before I went out and bought another bit, it worked fantastic he played with the bit a little and there was very little head tossing when ever I had contact with his mouth. I say very little because he did toss his head one or two times during the lesson, I am having an equine dentist take a look at his teeth next week or the week after to possibly pull a few teeth and float them, I’m hoping that will put an end to the head tossing.
We did a bit more work at the trot in both directions, M had me lean back further while posting because I guess my leaning forward was causing him to speed up and throwing off his center of balance. So I played around with my positioning and it was AMAZING the difference it made when I was posting in the correct position, after only a few minutes I was actually tired so I know it was the proper way to do things. I am hoping that I have tomorrow off from job #2 so I can sleep in and go out to ride tomorrow and practice our trot.
G and I are really finding what works for us, he even picks his feet up (I’m sure I’m going to regret posting this) when I tap or put a little pressure on his leg. We are working on the standing still at the mounting block and in the halt when I ask him. If he is tired or we have worked for a bit already he will stand for ages patiently waiting but at the beginning of the ride he cannot comprehend the idea of standing still.
If we can get our walk trot down we could go to a few training shows this year, I’m keeping my fingers crossed! I’m going to try to get some pictures to post on here because my blog is very boring hopefully by Wednesday I will have some or a video of lunging or riding. Anyways I need to get to work I have to work at both jobs today so I best get to it, I still need to add a few posts to my other blog be sure to check it out the link is on the top of the page.

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