Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Attempting to Hack Alone

Yesterday i went out to the barn, the weather man promised me +11 C and i was going to take full advantage of that, i still have to clean out the paddocks that G was in during his Quarantine, figured i could get that done since it was my only day off this week.

I got out to the barn and sure it was +11 but with the windchill it was more like -11C, either way i tried to clean out the paddocks with no luck because the wind just kept blowing the straw out of my wheelbarrel. So i gave up on that and went out to catch my muddy horse and get him all cleaned up so i could check his leg and his hoof to make sure it wasnt warm or swollen and their was no damage to his hoof on his left hind leg.

He was pretty antsy due to the wind blowing everything in the barn around and he could see from the crossties outside where the LDSH Mounted Troop was getting ready to walk their horses out after their ride so i figured it would be easier to tack him up in his stall.

Since the arena is in use Monday - Friday from 8AM - 4PM i figured that i would teach G to stand at different types of mounting objects so the possibility of going for a hack was much higher. We have only gone on the trails once because outside i need someone to hold G so i can get on him other wise he prances around looking terrified like this is it the end of the world.

So we started off with the picnic table which is the main source of mounting outside. I say the main source because i do not like mounting a 16hh horse from the ground mostly because i dont see how that could be good for their muscles i could only imagine how uncomfortable that is so i only do it if it is necisary (my spelling is attrocious i tried that word like 4x and still couldnt make it look right) as in i had to do an emergency dismount and their is nothing to use to mount. My logic may not be correct but its something that i cant get past so i just use something to mount when it is an option.

At first G wouldnt even stand next to the picnic table he would swing his hind end out and away from in while looking at me all panicked after about 15 minutes of that i grabbed the riding crop and used it to just put pressure on his hind end and leg to push him over which worked to get him to stand next to the table but not to stand still. Eventually he calmed down and i was able to have him stand still long enough to mount.

We started out walking towards the road because i didnt want him walking on the gravel road but that was to much for him to handle he was so tense walking this way so we turned around and went down the fence line with all the geldings and the mares he was a lot less tense this way until we got to the hay shed which has tin siding and roofing. The noise of the tin was really stressing him out and i was not wanting to fight him passed it mostly for safety concerns i was out riding by myself on a very green horse around scarey objects so I asked him to turn back towards the barn and dismounted and called it quits for the day.

I did notice however how extremely sensitive G was to the rocks on the gravel road, if i am wanting to do some trail riding this summer with him i may have to look at getting him shoes for the summer. We will see how it plays out.

On a plus note i am filing my taxes this weekend and it appears that i will be getting more than enough back to pay G off! So he will be officially mine all mine i cannot wait!! I also got my tack box last night, and was able to unpack all my stuff at the barn so i am no longer carting it around in my car. It would appear things are looking WWAAYYY up lets hope they stay that way!

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