Monday, 23 April 2012

Lesson #6

I finally managed to connect again with my new trainer yesterday to have another lesson. We are making amazing progress I couldn’t help but have a huge smile on my face the entire lesson.
We usually only have 30 minute lessons because both G and I needed to work on our physical fitness but yesterday we pushed past the 30 minute wall he has to 45 minutes of good hard work. As usual we started out at a walk working on half halts using my seat and bending to the left and to the right. Since having his teeth done he is bending much better to the right than before but he still fights me in that direction.
We spent the majority of the lesson at a trot, working in both directions. We have picked up the posting trot so quickly M was surprised so we moved into working on our walk trot transitions. The biggest issue at the trot currently is going to the right, doing a circle to the right when we come towards the wall on the one side of the arena he would try to go left instead of going to the right, the first couple tries resulted in a half circle left so I can get him back going right, it took some testing each time we came to that spot but I finally found (or some what grasped the concept of) in that direction my reins and inside leg are not enough to get him around that corner I need to alternate between my inside and my outside leg to keep him from trying to change direction and to have a better circle. By the end of the lesson we were doing much better in that direction but it is something we will have to tackle every lesson and every ride to find out the right amount of pressure so I do not have to use my legs at all.
I also need to focus on my chin up, as soon as I put my chin up my posture becomes much better and G slows down his trot a little so I will be practicing that during my rides as well, apparently it doesn’t look as silly as it feels.
We also worked as I mentioned on my walk trot and trot walk transitions which I have not mastered as well as I had thought. They are defiantly not as smooth and fluent as I had wanted them to be the walk – trot is fairly good since G is very responsive to pressure I just need to remember to use my calves more and less of my heel, I tend to bring my heels up when squeezing. My trot – walk transition is far worse, I am struggling to keep my butt in the seat when I am asking for the transition I tend to bounce around and it takes about 30 seconds for G to go into a walk, I know this will come with time and I shouldn’t focus on it to much since we are both fairly green and are learning what works for each of us but tonight’s ride will be a lot of trot – walk transitions.
Alex had come out to watch my lesson, it was nice having him there, as soon as I can afford a camera I will have him start making some videos of my riding so there is more to look at on here.  It was +20C at the barn yesterday so we took G for a walk to cool him off since he was fairly sweaty and found a nice patch were we could sit on some old logs and let G eat some grass it was so quiet and peaceful which is just what I needed. Working 2 jobs is really starting to burn me out and it has only been 3 weeks I don’t think I will be able to keep this up to much longer but thankfully pretty quick I will have a bunch of my little debt all paid off.
I might have a lesson with my old Trainer T next weekend if I’m lucky I might be able to get in 2 lessons next weekend. I really want to show T how far I have come and how much she has helped me get past all my fears especially since soon she will be moving to Vancouver. Anyways I’m at work and should probably help some clients, have a great  week everyone.

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