Thursday, 5 April 2012

Not a Happy Camper!

Yesterday it was +14C sunny and beautiful outside but because i am in Alberta that does not mean Spring is here because later that night a winter snow fall warning was issued so i figured i would head out to the barn to bring G in for the night.

I got our there and i knew instantly it was going to be interesting trying to catch him because as soon as he saw my car he started walking away, when i got into the pasture with his halter he started running away all over the place. It took me 20 minutes of trying to stay calm walking after him before he stopped long enough for me to get to him. I tried to lightly toss the lead line over his neck so he would not be able to run away from me once i tried putting the halter on him which did not work because he bolted so it was another 10 minutes of patiently following him around the pasture in the dark trying to catch him. He eventually got bored of the game and let me catch him it took everything in my person to not get angry with him.

I measured him tonight as well with my fancy measuring ribbon i bought he is about 16.3hh currently when i bought him i believe he was 16hh. I think im doing the weight part wrong so i will have to reference Youtube for that later.

When i woke up this morning i woke up to 2 feet of snow it took me an hour to get to the barn (which is usually a 15 minute drive) there were cars in the ditch everywhere you looked. So G is staying inside today at least until the snow stops, im sure he is NOT happy with the decision but to bad all i need is him to hurt himself out in the snow.

I made it to work safe and sound then got stuck in the parking lot so i am hoping that it warms up and melts a bit after work so i can get my car out.

Lesson #5 Tomorrow :) be sure to check back for it!

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