Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Wanted: New Girth

So last night i finally did some long over due tack cleaning, and i realised that i really need to get a new girth, all of my tack is of the cheaper quality because when i bought my horse money was not something that i had a lot of so now that i am doing a little better i want to start to replace it with better quality stuff.

G has been losing weight fairly quickly and toning up and the girth i have right now practically wraps all the way around him. I am just starting some research on the different types and the benefits, i dont mind spending a fair bit on a good girth as long as it is good quality and does what it is suppose too.

Any suggestions on girths? I am fairly new to buying tack and i am on a tight budget so i really need to make sure the one i buy is going to work for me and my horse. I know on one of the blogs that i follow someone recommended a girth but i cannot find that post for the life of me.

So any suggestions? I can use all the help i can get on some of these topics so i am putting them out in blogger world.


  1. so Smartpak is awesome.. check them out.

    I have a fleece girth for my every day use and LOVE it. It's easy to clean too :)

    Something like either of these might work well...

    1. I had the second one before (not by smartpak) and i gave it away with my last saddle i liked it but found it super bulky. I do like the first one and the price isnt to bad I will have to look more at the Smartpak website i always forget about it!

  2. Might have been my blog where you read a girth post / recommendation. I posted about my new County girth, the Logic Girth. It is shaped so that it provides clearance for the elbows and designed to line up with the billets - so it doesn't pull the saddle down on the withers.

    I really like it - the saddle doesn't shift at all once girthed up.

    1. Yes that must be it! i knew i saw it somewhere. Where did you order it from? Smartpak hasnt gotten back to me about shipping to Canada.