Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Little Green Monster

I would just like to add that i am very jealous today. My Boyfriend left yesterday for Calgary, his work is sending him to Spruce Meadows to work with a trainer for 2 days of all day training. He is not sure who the trainer is but regardless i wish i could have taken his place!! Once he gets home thursday night i will find out who it was that was working with him and the other 3 riders from the mounted troop and make him recap the clinic for me.

So for the next 2 days i get to sit at work all green with envy or jealousy which ever you want to call it because i cant get out to see G and hes riding horses at Spruce Meadows (if you dont know Spruce Meadows is a Show Jumping barn they host the CN International every year), big beautiful jumping horses.

I guess i will go and study that might take my mind off of how unfair it is lol. BOO!

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