Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Jealous update on the Boyfriend

So Alex is not 100% sure the instructors full name but i believe it is Albert Heinmann who is a dressage trainer that does a lot of work in western Canada with young dressage riders. I am not 100% sure though as i had said.

Anyways they have been doing a lot of work on posting trot something that Alex has never learned before, as well as riding with two hands instead of one. Hes having a blast and i am still really jealous but after speaking with him its all pretty basic stuff.

I did however ask him if the horse he is riding is harder or easier than G he said way easier so i am excited to have him come out and try to ride G again lol maybe this time i will get some video of it!

ugly hair cut :(

This is Escamo the horse Alex is riding. He is about 17hh and at first Alex thought he was 4yrs old but messaged me today to advise me he is 15 lol. Not sure about the breeding but i guess he is a great horse and a lot of fun to ride.

Now i just need to convince Alex that he needs to buy a horse :)

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