Saturday, 10 March 2012

Bounce Bounce Bounce

Last night I managed to sneak out to the barn despite my sick boyfriend in bed that I wanted to stay with and my lack of cell phone due to my ex husband being a pain in the ass. It was very eerie out there, big orange full moon, northern lights and no one at the barn. Riding when there is no one around always makes me a little nervous because it is a safety issue, my barn is not on someone’s property so no one checks the property no one would notice my car sitting there except for the Military Police but even then who is to say they would check the arena.
To top it all off our entire pasture and half of our barn is either flooded or mud so it made for a nice messy night. One of the horses had a sacroid removed so she is on stall rest, poor girl, anytime I walk out of the barn she calls out for company… so I try to spend a little time with her and make sure she has water before I go. 
G has been getting a little grouchy about picking out his feet, he pulls his usual tantrum anytime you try to pick up his feet but he is getting particular crabby about his right front. I cant see anything and when I clean it out there’s no cracks or hot spots I might get the Ferrier to take a look at his feet next time he is out just to make sure. 
As usual G was pretty good on the lunge line for the most part, not as receptive to my cues as I would have liked but good none the less. Getting on took less time than usual as well he did not fight me at the mounting block (HURRAY!!) I took advice from one of the blogs that I follow and put the mounting block by the wall so there was enough space for G to stand in comfortably and not feel like he was going to get attacked by a monster (have I mentioned in the cross ties he will stand awkwardly so he can push his but against the wall makes me laugh because if you ask him to move over he will try to move his but all the way over to the other wall) and first try I was able to get on I was ecstatic.
We are working on my posting trot, finding a good rhythm, and some of the sitting trot as well as our serpentines. With us getting a new place and moving April 1st I am way to broke to be able to afford any lessons so I am just trying to improve our basics so I can wow my trainer when I am able to get her back out. Posting trot was ok… he was very quick tonight and not very responsive to my cues which I should have expected from our work on the lunge line. It was the same in the sitting trot, I think a lot of it had to do with my balance, I felt like I was bouncing all over the place and not able to hold myself in a proper position. Looks like I defiantly need to do some ab and leg workouts lol, that or it was all the mud I got in my pants while trying to pull them up!
I started a new blog by the way, about my passion for cooking and crafts so I can keep my family life and my horse life a little more separate. If your interested in reading that blog click Here.
Have a good night everyone!

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