Friday, 30 March 2012

My Babies Growing Up

I havnt posted in a few days thats mostly because i have a big exam on Wednesday and we are also moving this weekend. Luckily the boyfriend is doing all the moving while i am at work today so i just have to go and unpack all of our stuff!

Im not quite sure how you tell if a horse is still growing but it appears that he is, i will go out to the barn and one day he looks like he hasnt eaten in weeks the next day he is all puffy and chubby. He is also a little more tired than usual and i dont mean lethargic i just mean a little more lazy than usual. I was speaking with my trainer and she believes he is growing again. So i have cut back my riding a bit making sure that we are not riding for more than 30 minutes right now until he gets his energy back and everytime i am out there (4-5x a week) whether i ride or not he is getting extra hay, beet pulp and a mineral supplement to help him keep his weight consistant and give him a little extra while he is growing.

The ferrier was out last week as well and G's feet now look fantastic, his angles have been corrected and are the proper length im really loving this new ferrier he is great with G and hes not to bad to look at either (gotta love having a hot ferrier as eye candy in those Wranglers working with me horse yum yum). G is also starting to offer his feet to me occasionally to pick them out, occasionally i have to keep the riding crop out just to give him a little tap if he is refusing to pick them up for me or if he kicks out a little with his hind leg. It is a work in progress and its much better than the battle we used to have at the begining over picking up his feet.

Due to his growing i have been doing a lot more lunging, since we are progressing a lot with our posting trot we are almost ready to reintroduce the canter under saddle, so on the lunge line i have been working with him in a walk/trot and canter trying to push him to go for as long as he can but accepting that he hasnt done it for a while so keeping it very short about 2-3mins in each direction.

They Vet is coming out in April to do the herd vaccinations, i am requesting G to get his Westnile as well as a regular 5 way which is mandatory at my barn. Im also going to get the vet to float his teeth as well since i am sure it has been a year if not more since it has been done if it has ever been done, im having the vet do this procedure instead of a equine dentist because aparently in Canada an equine dentist is no longer allowed to administer a sedative something i did not know so i am keeping the option open incase G has other things in mind that day. Im hoping that will help to resolve the head tossing when ever he has any contact with the bit. If he does need to be sedated i will not be to heart broken since i need to clean his sheath and since it will be my first time anything to make it easy on me lol.

One if the ladies at my barn also offered to sell me her tack box so i dont have to transport all my tack in the back seat of my car day in and day out which will hopefully help keep my tack in better condition for longer.  Things are definatly looking up i cant wait to see what the future holds for us.

Oh and my barn is holding an Equine First course which i am registered for, it is not until May but it will definatly come in handy at some point i am sure.

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