Thursday, 15 December 2011

Spreading some Christmas Cheer

Christmas is a time when everyone goes out and spends a small fortune on family, co workers, pets everyone important but it seems that we always forget that there are people out there who do not have as much as the rest of us whether it is material items or family itself.
I have been at my current job for over a year now and this year our department decided to do a secret santa. Usually i am not into these things because i hum and haw about what to get my person then end up picking something up the day of that im pretty sure gets regifted at christmas to some distant cousin. My manager thought we should put a spin on it so instead of buying gifts we think that the other person would like we were to buy a childrens toy that reminded us of that person to later be donated to the Salvation Army or Santa's Anonymous. I was a little skeptical at first but i had a BLAST it was so much fun sitting with the people i work with all day and sharing crazy client stories, my stomach hurts from the food and the laughter.

I am very lucky for all i have and for where i am in life.

On another more horse related note i have finally purchased the liability insurance i require for the barn i want to board at, one thing down lol now to try and get into the office on a day it is open.

With the holidays fast approaching i just wanted to say i miss you Cam. Im sad that i will never go back home and see you walking uptown to see if you won anything on your lottery tickets. I miss your dancing like a crazy person to the backstreet boys making us laugh until we had tears in our eyes. I miss you and K trying to convince all of us that your Ouiji board truly does work. I know one day i will see you, Matt, and Stefan again i know you are looking out for us all. They finally caught all four of them and they will be in trial on the 19th of this month... i cant bring myself to go.... but you will have lots of support there. Love you lots friend <3

Very emotional day today Christmas is always so hard. On a good note the husband is home tomorrow *yay* for 3 weeks. 17 more days until i move Gjonstone I cant wait <3

That is not me riding but thats my new boy <3

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