Friday, 30 December 2011

2 More days!

2 more days and i get to bring G home. It has been a great week, i had most of it off of work and was able to spend it relaxing with my husband enjoying the beautiful weather in here (i cant believe we practically have no snow!!)

I go today to pay the first months board at the new barn, and if that wasnt exciting enough i have finally found a saddle that i can afford for now and it comes with leathers an irons. It is a Paris Tack Dressage Saddle and online it doesnt get very good reviews but the girl i am buying it from is a friend of the family and says that it is a good saddle so hopefully it will last until i have G paid off then i can look into investing in a new saddle. The girl, L, i am buying it from also coaches dressage and jumping at the barn i am moving to on a night that i do NOT have my son, so i am sure you can see why i am so excited!

I also picked up a head stall and reins online from a girl who had bought them and never used them! I have just had great luck with getting all my tack together!! On boxing day i picked up a snaffle bit with sweet iron in it (we used them with our QH's) for cheap. I am just so excited to start the new year on a possitive note with everything, 2011 was a tough year for us.

January will be an adjustment month, adjustment to being back on the diet, being back in the saddle and working on continueing to strengthen my marriage. February will be lessons, lessons, lessons!! I hope this optimism carries on well into the new year!!

I would greatly appreciate any reviews you have on the saddle i purchased.

Talk to you all in 2012!!



  1. Hi Jessica!,
    Tonight I think Dad and I realized how much you want GJONSTONE we had a little cry together and we are happy to see how much you want our lovely guy. I does bother Dad that he got a cut above his eye, on his trip to his new home. I think Dad was more emotional then I was. He does love Gjonstone and we both look forward to see you riding soon at a few shows.
    Dad say's he wants you to love and enjoy him and Dad wants to see something you and him will be proud of. He really wants to come and watch you ride.DAD is happy he went to someone who will love and take VERY GOOOD CARE OF HIM!
    He askes me often what did you see in him that you love him soooo much.

  2. Hi Jessica,

    Beet pulp
    Don't make my mistake!
    I was not aware HOW MUCH it EXPANDED!
    If you were to put 2 cup's of beet pulp in a bucked with warm water, give it 4 hrs and see what you get.

    This is in the gut of the horse. (WAY TO MUCH)

    We had a heeter in our tank for the horses so the water would not freeze up.
    So I think this is why he wants warm water.