Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Givin it a try....

I have never done this whole blogging thing... i always have a ton of thoughts so it will be nice to get some of them down.

Let alone the fact that i have purchased my second horse and am really looking forward to tracking our progress and sharing stories with some people on here that i follow religiously ha ha.

Like other "horse people" i am attempting to find a balance between my love of horses, my family and my full time career. Thankfully i have an amazing husband who is very supportive of me, a horse crazy 3 year old  son and a boss that is a rider as well.

Anyways back on track,

Last year in December i bought a beautiful Morgan/Arab mix registered and everything, this was my first horse i had ever purchased so i was a little hastey and didnt see the signs that this was NOT the horse for me, But she was beautiful and i had never purchased a horse for myself before so i went for it. It took a month for me to arrange affordable board and transportation (at that time i didnt have the support of my husband so it was a struggle to make it all work). Her name was Indy and when i first got her to the boarding facility she was great not a problem to saddle and loved attention. It was not until we put her into the heard that things went downhill, she started chasing the yearlings into the fences and just causing chaos in the pasture. We tried to seperate her but that didnt work either she stressed herself out so much eventually resulting in her jumping a 4 ft fence just to get back into the herd, unfortunatly she didnt do to well with the second fence... and well thats a whole other story.

So this time i am doing it RIGHT!!!

I purchased a beautiful 5 year old Trakahner Gelding, he is a gentle giant. Originally i was wanting to compete in show jumping but after seeing his movements and how full of himself he is it would be a waste to not get him going in dressage. So i cannot wait i will be moving him January 1st just in time to start the New year New you challenge.

But it is late and im sure my son is STILL not sleeping (lovely) so i must convince him that sleep is a good idea then i think i shall continue trying to read ALL the blog posts on Dressagemom's blog. Honestly my inspiration to blog my journey i am about to embark on with my new best friend.

Talk soon everyone.

(very sorry if there is spelling and gramatical errors... i wrote this and then realised that my husbands laptop doesnt have microsoft

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