Wednesday, 28 December 2011


It has been a few days since my last post because they holiday season is so busy, we have 2 sets of parents to see with my son and my sons father of course wants time with him as well so it makes for hectic schedules. I love every minute of the holidays though, spending time with family and friends to catch up is great. The food isnt a negative either; i love to cook, and eat which brings me to my new years resolutions, the whole reason for this post.

I have managed to find a vet for Gjonstone who is close to the barn i will be boarding at, im thrilled! Dr.R charges a flat rate for the travel and is half the price of the other vets in the area. He was highly recommended by some of the other boarders.

So my resolutions this year....

1) lose some of this weight that i have gained :( when i worked at the barn i was 120lbs of pure muscle i would like to get back to that so i will be starting the 4hr Body diet again as of January 1st. I have friends who have lost crazy amounts of weight on this plan and the month i was on it i lost 5lbs (and that was definatly half assing it). So now that i am motivated i would like to lose 20lbs to start then go from there. My exercise follows in my next resolution.

2)Commit to riding at least 4 days a week and taking a lesson 1x per week. I did forget to mention that i was speaking with a trainer who has competed PSG and was shortlisted for Team Canada for the last few years, she only takes on 2 students on i just might be able to squeeze in as her second student!!! I have a bit of progress to make before she is back from Palm Springs in the spring so i will be working my butt off!!! When i was leasing a horse i was a little lazy because i was only half leasing her it became more of a "when i felt like it" kind of thing so i WILL be out 4x a week no if's and's or but's.

3)A coworker mentioned that since her husband passed away last year she has tried to live her life never refusing an invitation. Always accepting an invite to something that could be fun, or teach her something new. I would love to be a more possitive person and experience new things so i am going to commit to it for a year and if it has possitive results if not then i will scrap it from the list next year.

I am very excited for 2012 it shows a lot of promise... 3 more days until i move my boy and my journey starts. I look forward to reading all your posts as well in 2012 and the motivation that comes along in them.

Happy New Years everyone!


  1. Wow seem like you are doing great with "G"
    I wrote you but I guess I must have done something wrong.
    I just wanted to know if you gave "G" a salt block.
    If he has one for himself he would drink more water. This time of year with no real amount of snow they can colic really easy, on DRY FEED.
    He will eat some of the straw to so that could contribute to colic.
    Dad really wants to come and watch when you are comfortable.
    He is very happy you love “G”


  2. We are making progress its going good we are learning a lot about each other.No you did it right and i saw it somehow i accidently might have deleted it.. i cant find it now either. I am going to go tomorrow on my lunch break to pick up a salt block, i was thinking about that today. I have been watching his water intake a lot more the last few days and he has been drinking a fair amount and i can see that when theres a little layer of ice he breaks it for water which is good. I will keep you guys posted on our progress of course and in the summer you will have to come watch for sure!!
    I love him very much he is so trusting and patient but still has his own personality. Hes perfect!!